If you have paid for a travel or you plan your own travel, but you want to prepare professionally for everything from getting off the plane to getting on it again, choose our online consulting service.

We can help you with the following:

  • Comprehensive, detailed discussion of the program about what to expect, where and when. Guidance on what you should pay attention to, if you want to avoid unexpected surprises and dissapointments.

  • Comprehensive preparation for boat trips: what happens between departure from the port and coming back home, what to expect on the boat, what to look out for, how to be clever and cost-effective.

  • Concrete local budgeting: how much spending money you should take, according to your personal habits.

  • Sights and specialties: locations you have to see apart from you organized programs.

  • Local habits: what is expected of tourists, what you should pay special attention to during your travels.

  • What to buy and for how much.

  • ... and many other things you want to know or should know to have an unforgettable holiday.


First of all, we ask you to fill out the attached questionnaire in detail, to enable us to provide you with assistance that fits your needs as accurately as possible.

The online travel consultancy takes place via SKYPE or phone call, at a previously agreed time.

It is about 60-90 minutes long, but it lasts until you feel confident enough about your travel in every aspect that is important to you.

Our travel consultancy service is available for approx. 100 countries in the world, in Hungarian and English languages. 

The service is available from every country in the world!


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Planned date of travel:
Organizing agency:
Method of travel:
Name of airline / shipping company:
Accomodation classification:
Countries included in the program:
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Personal interests:
What I want to know:
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Please fill out the questionnaire as detailed as possible to enable us to provide you with assistance that fits your needs as accurately as possible.
Our colleague gets in touch with you in 48 hours via e-mail for further questions and time appointment.
Thank you for your trust!