My name is Zsolt Jurák, I was born in 1971 in Budapest and have been living in this wonderful city ever since.

After finishing my secondary school studies in trade and my college studies in tourism, I worked one of the greatest American multinational companies for 22 years. I had various responsibilities at the sales department, including being a member of the management team for the last few years.

In 2014, I felt I had enough. I wanted something different, something new, I needed new challenges. In order to prepare, I decided to dedicate a whole year to my passion, which has been an important part of my life since I was 9 years old, thanks to my parents. This passion is travel.

Since 1980, I have been to 127 countries in the world, multiple times almost everywhere. I have traveled over 2 million km, I have been on 52 voyages of 10 shipping companies, spending almost a year on cruise ships. I have over 500 thousand photos in my collection of travels. I have had countless experiences, friendships, knowledge and adventures, which I hope to extend furthermore.

For the past 25 years, I have planned and organized my journeys individually, through local travel agencies, assembling the programs and routes with knowledge of the sights. Thanks to that, I can see what I’m interested in, what’s special and unique for me, not what others think I should see. Because of this, I was never dissapointed, even though I’m the most critical to myself; to others I’m just perfectionist.

After seeing my passion for traveling, my friends and colleagues have encouraged me for a long time to do what my hobby and passion is. This year, I admitted to that! That is the reason why I started working as an independent travel consultant. 

My goal is to provide a personalized, quality tourism service, that fits everyone’s respective needs, while also giving the value that is expected for its price. There is no room for mistakes and apologies: when you travel abroad, you want to see, learn and get experiences. If the preparation is not good enough, there is not enough information or there’s an error in the calculation, the plan might go all wrong, causing you to not get what you wanted when you picked the destination. That is unthinkable to me!

I can help travelers in multiple ways, for which you can sign up from any country in the world ONLINE:

  • If you have paid for a travel or you plan your own travel, but you want to prepare professionally for everything from getting off the plane to getting on it again, choose our online consulting service.

  • If you would like travel, but you don’t know where to or you have concrete ideas, but you don’t have the time, energy, knowledge or experience to find the best local travel agency in the destination country, choose our online travel planning service. We can help you to enjoy the best possible program, that fits your needs and your wallet as well.

  • If you plan your dream wedding or honeymoon, but you have no idea where you would like to go or you do not know how to start organising, what you have seen before was unrealistically expensive, get stuck in the organization, look for courage, talk about the opportunity, and guarantee an enjoyable dream vacation.
  • If it matters to you and your company to find the best airplane ticket, the most affordable accommodations, you and your colleagues have to embed the compulsory landmarks of the destination in their professional path, get in touch with me with confidence and on my suggestions you can take the best value for money services and up to 48 hours you can also travel, which I obviously prepare for you and your colleagues to avoid any unexpected surprise on the spot. I can also help you with corporate insurance.




My extensive experience is at your service to make your business our tourism ideas come true.

Our reliable, well-informed partners guarantee that you can spend your leisure time having great experiences and in safety.