General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions contain the general contractual terms and conditions between WORLD TRAVEL MASTER Tourism Service and Trade Adviser Ltd. (registered office: 1149 Budapest, Báróczy str. 15/C., Trade Registry Number: 01-09-270354.) and contracted clients. These General Terms and Conditions come into effect from 1st September 2015.

The general terms and conditions of WORLD TRAVEL MASTER Ltd. as service provider (hereinafter: service provider) with respect to the company’s registered core services:

1. Data of the service provider

Company name: WORLD TRAVEL MASTER Touristic  Services and Commercial Advisory Limited Liability Company

Company name abbreviation: WORLD TRAVEL MASTER Ltd.

Registered office: 1149 Budapest, Báróczy str. 15/C., 1st floor
Trade Reg. Nr.: 01- 09-270354
Tax number            :  25355730 - 2- 42
Core service   : TEAOR 79.90 Other reservation service
e-mail address          :
website              :

1.1. Availability of services

The services of the company are available on the internet using the website, at the registered office of the company, through e-mail address, via telephone number +36 30 992-3190 and at the registered office of the company at 1149 Budapest, Báróczy str. 15/C.

The website of the company, contains all the up to date information on the activity and availabilty of the company, the enlistment of the services and the possible conclusion of certain contracts.

1.2. The scope of these General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions contain the contractual relationship, rights and liabilities that arise between the contracting parties during the enlistment of services provided by WORLD TRAVEL MASTER ltd.

As regards of „General Terms and Conditions”, the provisions of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code and the provisions regarding the usage of the website on data provision, data privacy and data management shall be considered governing.

The present „General Terms and Conditions” apply to natural persons and legal entities as well.The certain services may be enlisted by natural persons in either Hungary or abroad, as well as legal entities that have registered offices in either Hungary or abroad.

Regarding the enlistment of certain services, the contracted parties sign a service agreement subject to and within the framework of the present General Terms and Conditions. This agreement can be – depending on the content and nature of the contract – verbal or written (if the legal regulations require a written agreement).

The present „General Terms and Conditions” are valid for an indefinite period of time, the persons covered above may register on the company’s website according to the conditions detailed there. The company publishes the present „General Terms and Conditions” on its website.

The definition of the service provided by the service provider

2.1. The main activity of the business association is Other reservation service, defined in TEÁOR 79.90, in framework of which it provides travel information and assistance, organizes and provides tour guide service, creates travel promotions and presents them widely, furthers tourism through its service and provides other service related to travel. The company is not a travel agency.

2.2. Other than its main activity, the business association provides services related to „Organisation of conventions and trade shows” defined in TEÁOR 82.30, „Other retail sale not in stores, stalls or markets” defined in TEÁOR 47.99 and „Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.” defined in TEÁOR 74.90.

The procedure of the conclusion of certain agreements, the method and conditions of enlisting the above services,
temporal and geographical limitations of enlisting the services

3.1. The business association concludes service agreements with the certain persons for the enlistment of the above services, applying the rules in 1.2. The provisions of the Civil Code shall apply for the service agreements.

3.2. The services may be enlisted by domestic and foreign persons alike, without temporal and geographical limitations.

Connecting to the website of the company is possible according to the conditions the published by the company on the website. The condition of enlisting the service is that the user meets the criteria to use the website as of right.

3.3. The combination regarding the quality and content of the certain services are included in the service agreements concluded with the contracting party. The provisions of the Civil Code shall apply for the service agreements.

For the conclusion of the contracts, the contracting party is required to provide their data required to be identified, bank account number, e-mail address and notification address. For legal entities and business associations, the name of the association, representative, registered office, trade registry number and tax number are required as well.

3.4. With the particular service agreements, the contractual relationship is valid from the day, on which the Parties agreed on the material content of the contract. In case of written agreements, the contractual relationship is valid from the day, on which the service provider receives the particular agreement, which contains the specification of the service, signed by the contracting party.

The modification of the agreement is only possible in case there is a written agreement between the Parties.

3.5. The certain agreements may not be modified one-sidedly and the service provider may only modify the agreement in case of officially published price modification or official price modification. In case of changes in legislation or authority decision, the service provider may implicitly modify the agreement one-sidedly.

3.5. In case the service provider is forced to modify the agreement one-sidedly, the other contracting party has to be notifed at least 8 days before the amending provision.

3.6. In case this forced one-sided agreement modification contains adverse provisions for the contracting party, the contracting party is entitled terminate the agreement in 8 days after the written notice about the modification, without adverse legal consequence.

3.7. However, the contracting party is not entitled to terminate the agreement in case the service provider had drawn attention to the expected occurence of the eventual forced modification and the contracting party expressly accepted it.

3.8. Eventual agreement modification may also be initiated by the party enlisting the service, in case of legal succession, assignment or other material circumstances occur, for reasons beyond the control of them. In this case, the Parties conclude a special agreement.

3.9. In case the agreement modification is not possible, the service agreement between the parties may be terminated, with the condition that the contracting party completely reimburses the value of the service provided to that point and the fee and costs of the service incurred to that point.

3.10. In case the contracting party wishes to file any sort of objection, it may only be submitted in writing, in 3 days after the occurence of the objected event or situation.

The service provider is bound to investigate the submitted objection or claim in 24 hours after receiving the notice and notify the contracting party about it in writing.

3.11. The agreement about the certain service between the Parties is terminated in case the performance specified in the agreement had occured, or in case the Parties mutually agree on it, or in case the contracting party terminates it, knowing the legal consequences, with the liability to reimburse the eventual damages.

The contractual relationship is also terminated in case the service provider’s right is terminated through authority decision or court order.

3.12.In case of termination of the agreement by the service provider, the contracting party has to be notified in writing about the reasons behind the termination and the date of the expiration of the notice period. In case the reason of termination is a breach of contract, the contracting party has to be notified about what caused the breach of contract in detail, and whether or not there is a claim for compensation from the service provider, its amount and its legal claim.

3.13. In case of one-sided termination of the agreement by the contracting party, the above have to be applied implicitly.

4. The termination of the agreement does not dispense the customer, the contracting party from the payment of the fee of the service provided, according to the agreement.

In case of overpayment by the customer, the service provider returns the amount of overpayment in 8 days after the termination of the agreement.

Settlement in case of termination of the agreement

4.1. The service provider does not return the above costs, in case the termination of the agreement had occured because of a serious violation of the agreement by the contracting customer.

Communication and cooperation between the parties

During the contractual relationship with the customer, the service provider provides daily, continous, 24 hours availability.

5.1. During this period, the customer may notify the service provider with remarks, objections and complaints, which the service provider shall investigate inmediately, but depending on the nature of the notice in 24 hours from it and shall notify the customer in writing about the result of the investigation.

Enlistment of the service

6. During the enlistment of the service, the customer is entitled to enlist the published service. In case this service is deficient due to reasons imputable to the service provider or not comprehensive, the customer is entitled to restitution, the amount of which is formed by the general conditions and rules on damages in the Civil Code.

Rules of data management and data privacy

The service provider manages the data of the customers as protected data.

7.1. With the termination of the service, the data management and storage may only occur in compliance with Law LXIII of 1992 on Protection of Personal Data and Disclosure of Information of Public Interest.

7.2. The service provider and data contoller may only provide information about the customer in compliance with the provisions of the above above law.

7.3. With the conclusion of the certain agreements, the customer consents to the management of personal data by the service provider and that the service provider may only provide information in compliance with the above legislation.

Fees of certain services

8.1. The fees of certain services are included in the agreements to be concluded with customer.

With respect to matters not regulated in the present „General Terms and Conditions”, the respective current legislation, especially the provisions of the Civil Code (Ptk.) shall apply. The present rules, named „General Terms and Conditions” shall be applied by WORLD TRAVEL MASTER Ltd. for the contractual relationship with its customer. These rules are published by the business association on its website,

Budapest, 1st September, 2015


Jurák Zsolt Ferenc
Managing Director